DevSecOps – What It Looks Like to Modernize Software Development

You can have BOTH security and speed

Organizations know they must begin introducing new features and new capabilities faster. That’s the push behind DevOps. But too often a heavy focus on maintaining security meant that productivity was being severely impeded. DevSecOps “shifts security left” and continually enforces security policies through development and into deployment and operations.

DevSecOps is quickly becoming the norm in commercial operations, and government operations should keep pace or they will miss the opportunity to develop more secure software.

Recently, Nimbus Consulting helped guide a key government agency component through the transition to a forward-leaning DevSecOps environment. The client needed a solution for an environment that had multiple systems under development being developed in a shared infrastructure. Over 50 teams were working with a loose collection of more than 30 development tools that were outmoded, not scalable, or were no longer being supported by vendors.




Why Nimbus?

  • Objective IT advisory service consultancy – no vendor partnerships or biases
  • Custom-built “hands-on” teams dedicated to finding practical solutions that are in the best interest of our clients
  • Enables well-governed IT projects
  • Help government to act at a private sector pace
Why Nimbus

"We have had the opportunity to work with Nimbus Consulting since 2008 and have been very appreciative of their insights and support they have provided to several programs for the Centers For Medicare and Medicaid. We have engaged Nimbus Consulting as a subcontractor and tier-2 vendor for our critical resource needs. Their consultants are professional and provide valuable services in areas such as enterprise architecture, software development, requirements analysis, and software testing."

Program Director
Large Defense Contractor for CMS Programs