Strategic IT Advisors Dedicated to Your Needs

Nimbus Consulting has a dynamic team of IT advisors committed to your mission and able to develop various technical strategies for you. We pride ourselves on maintaining a very high ethical conduct in our client engagements.

What We Do

We employ an objective approach to helping you overcome complex technical challenges. We have gained an understanding of unique challenges in working in the Government space. Our commitment to delivering quality workmanship enabled us to gain the trust of US Federal government agencies such as Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

The Nimbus Consulting Advantage

As a consulting firm in Columbia, Maryland, Nimbus Consulting recognizes that our people are our strongest asset. We are renowned for our accomplished team and our shared core values.

Our team strives to exemplify excellence in every project by employing a coordinated approach and leveraging each of our member’s expertise. We are seasoned experts committed to delivering quality work that puts a premium on professionalism.

Unbiased Solutions

We do not promote any product or technology and do not have any partnership engagements with commercial product vendors. As such, we offer solutions that work best for you.


Supporting Open-Source Software

Nimbus Consulting prefers open-source software because of its cost effectiveness and flexibility. For this reason, we strive hard to create a technical vision where this technology is central to the solution we recommend.